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Godzilla (feat. Juice WRLD)


Album Music to Be Murdered By

“Godzilla” is the seventh track from infamous American rapper Eminem’s (Marshall Mathers) eleventh studio album, “Music to Be Murdered By”, which was released in January 2020. The song features American rapper Juice WRLD (Jarad Higgins), who sadly died of a drug overdose in December 2019, making “Godzilla” his first posthumous release.

“Godzilla” is a track in where both Eminem and Juice WRLD reference themselves as monsters in a particular, “Godzilla”, a fictional sea monster that’s known for the death and destruction it causes. Eminem’s third verse holes the record for his fastest rap verse, rapping 10.65 syllables per second. “Godzilla” was written by Eminem, Juice WRLD, Doman, Resto & A. Villasana, with Eminem and Doman also producing the song.

There is music video for the song, but the official YouTube upload of the track has 13.2 million views and 343 thousand likes.

Release Date: 17th January 2020

Songwriter/s: Marshall Mathers, Jarad Higgins, Doman, Resto & A. Villasana

Producer/s: Eminem & D.A. Doman

Label/s: Aftermath / Shady / Interscope

Chart Rankings: “Godzilla” featuring Juice WRLD, has performed extremely well on charts across the globe, reaching the following peak positions in these locations: #3 in Australia, #6 in Austria, #2, #16 and #8 on various charts in Belgium; #3 in Canada, #2 in the Czech Republic, #4 in Denmark, #1 in Finland, #45 in France, #16 in Germany, #5 and #2 on various charts in Hungary; #1 in Ireland, #7 in Italy, #8 in Lithuania, #11 in the Netherlands, #2 in New Zealand, #3 in Norway, #12 in Portugal, #16 in Scotland, #17 in Singapore, #2 in Slovakia, #80 in Spain, #7 in Sweden, #4 in Switzerland, #1 on the UK Singles and the UK R&B charts, and #3 on various US Billboard charts and on the US Rolling Stone Top 100, and lastly #28 on the US Billboard Rhythmic chart.

The lyrics to “Godzilla” can be viewed here: LINK

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