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Get Down


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“Get Down” is the last single released by American rapper Nas’ 2002 album “God’s Son”. The track is first out of the 17-track-long album, and features track samples from “The Boss” by James Brown.

Written by Nas (real name Nasir Jones) and Salaam Gibbs, and is an incredible track in terms of storytelling. It discusses real life events in Nas’ life and overall a critique and relaities of being a young black man. Towards the end of the first verse, Nas states: “Triple-homicide, I sit in the back aisle / I wanna crack a smile when I see him / Throw up a first for Black Power, ‘cause all we want is his freedom / He grabbed a court officer’s gun and started squeezin’”. Nas spoke to music website Genius about these lyrics:

“The story is based on the trial of two people I knew who got locked up – Free High and Worm. Worm is the one who threw up the fist, and Free High grabbed the court officer’s gun.
This made it in the song because I saw him and his mom on the news while I was in the studio recording this song. I recognized his mom from elementary school because I went to school with his sister and she used to be around.”

There is no official music video for the track, however there is a video on Nas’ official YouTube channel of him performing the track live. It was uploaded in October of 2018, and as of June 2019 it has over 33,000 views.

Release Date: 8th July 2003

Songwriter/s: Nasir Jones, Salaam Gibbs

Producer/s: Nas, Salaam Remi

Label/s: III Will

Chart Rankings: “Get Down” is not one of Nas’ most popular songs, hence it only ranking in the US Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart at #76.

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