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Shawn Mendes

Album Wonder

“Wonder” is second track and the name of Canadian singer, songwriter and musician Shawn Mendes’ fourth studio album of the same name. “Wonder” acted as the lead single for the album, which is due to be released on the 4th December 2020. The song was written by Mendes, Scott Harris, Thomas Hull and Nate Mercereau, with Mendes and Mercereau producing the song with Kid Harpoon.

“Wonder” is a pop power ballad, with Mendes discussing present issues such as toxic masculinity and the issues with men and male identifying individuals showing emotional weakness. The track also shows Mendes dreaming about lover, where he is wondering what their love would feel like.

The music video for “Wonder” was released on Mendes’ VEVO channel via YouTube on the 2nd October 2020 and was directed by Matty Peacock. The video shows Mendes on a train by himself, where he is then shown in a forest leading him to the top of a cliff. As of late November 2020, the video has over 47 million views and almost 2 million likes.

Release Date: 2nd October 2020

Songwriter/s: Shawn Mendes, Scott Harris, Thomas Hull & Nate Mercereau

Producer/s: Mendes, Mercereau & Kid Harpoon

Label: Island

Music Video Release Date: 2nd October 2020

Music Video Director: Matty Peacock

Chart Rankings and Certifications: Since its release, “Wonder” has just charted at:

– #13 in Australia
– #22 in Austria
– #17 & #21 in Belgium
– #4 in Canada
– #17 in the Czech Republic
– #28 in Denmark
– #200 in France
– #47 in Germany
– #7 & #9 in Hungary
– #15 in Ireland
– #86 in Italy
– #13 in Malaysia
– #15 & #20 in the Netherlands
– #19 in New Zealand
– #16 in Norway
– #30 in Portugal
– #18 in Scotland
– #9 in Singapore
-#73 & #37 in Slovakia
– #37 in Slovenia
– #84 in Spain
– #19 in Switzerland
– #20 in the UK
– #18 on the US Billboard Hot 100
– #17 on the US Billboard Adult Contemporary
– #9 on the US Billboard Adult Top 40
– #14 on the US Billboard Mainstream Top 40

“Wonder” has received Gold certification in Canada.

The lyrics to “Wonder” can be read here:

Shawn Mendes’ Spotify:–jg7Ri0kWrA

Shawn Mendes Apple Music: :

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