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What A Man Gotta Do

Jonas Brothers

Album What A Man Gotta Do (Single)

“What A Man Gotta Do” is the latest single to be released by American pop group, Jonas Brothers. It was released on the 17th January 2020, alongside a music video directed by well-known director Joseph Kahn.

“What A Man Gotta Do” is a soft-pop love ballad from the brothers asking their lovers what they need to do in order to be completely loved by them. It was written by all members of the band, as well as writers Ryan Tedder, Dave Stewart and Jess Agombar.

The music video was released the same day as the song, and was directed by Joseph Kahn. It features all members of the band and their significant others re-enacting three famous 80’s films: “Risky Business”, “Grease” and “Say Anything…”. As of the end of January 2020, the video has amassed almost 24 million views and almost 1 million likes -in only one week since its release.

Release Date: 17th January 2020

Songwriter/s: Nick Jonas, Joe Jonas, Kevin Jonas, Ryan Tedder, Dave Stewart & Jess Agombar

Producer/s: Ryan Tedder & Dave Stewart

Label: Republic

Music Video Release Date: 17th January 2020

Music Video Director: Joseph Kahn

Chart Rankings: Since its release, “What A Man Gotta Do” hit the following chart positions in these countries: #12 & #31 in Belgium, #47 & #50 in Canada, #67 in Germany, #23 in Ireland, #19 & #69 in the Netherlands, #64 in Sweden, #33 in the UK, and #27 & #30 on various Billboard charts in the US.

The lyrics to “What A Man Gotta Do” can be accessed here: LINK

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