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Stay With Me

Sam Smith

Album In the Lonely Hour

Story of Song

This song is about a man who is tired of being alone every night. James Napier, co-writer of ‘Stay with Me,’ told the story behind this song to Gigwise, saying: “It was very quick, we wrote it less than an hour. It was a very personal song and a very raw subject about a one night stand and wanting that person to stay to ease the pain essentially. Not to my knowledge, there’s not been a song written about that subject. I think today, it’s really something that people can relate to.” He continued: “I think with Sam, he’s incredibly honest, he’s always very honest about how he’s feeling with his emotions, which makes it really enjoyable to work with him and write songs together because he’ll pour his heart out and I’ll help him to put it on the page or record it or play the chords that fit the feelings. We manage to complement each other, which has been amazing.”

Release date

Released on April 14, 2014.


Sam Smith – James Napier – William Phillips – Tom Petty – Jeff Lynne



Chart Rankings

US – 2

UK – 1


Smith won the Record of the Year and the Song of the Year for ‘Stay With Me’.

With over 10 million streams in Denmark and Spain, ‘Stay with Me’ was certified platinum in 13 countries. The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) certified it seven times for sales over seven million copies.

The song topped the charts in Canada, Croatia, Ireland, New Zealand, Poland, Scotland, and South Africa. It also managed to reach the top 10 charts in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Greece, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland. The song made it to six times platinum in Sweden; quadruple Platinum in Australia and Canada; platinum Platinum in Netherlands and New Zealand; double platinum in Italy; and platinum in Belgium and Switzerland.

Artist’s age on release date


Cover Versions

Ed Sheeran – Florence and the Machine – Vin Diesel – Chris Brown – Josh Kaufman – FKA twigs – Charli XCX – Luke James – Kelly Clarkson – Patti LaBelle – other less famous artists covered this song on YouTube.

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