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The copyright for the cover art for the album “Something To Give Each Other” by the artist Troye Sivan is believed to belong to the labels EMI Australia and Capitol, or the graphic artist(s).

One Of Your Girls

Troye Sivan

Album Something To Give Each Other

“One Of Your Girls” is the third track from Troye Sivan’s third studio album “Got Something To Give Each Other”, which was released in October 2023 through Capitol and EMI Australia.

The synth-pop track was written about Sivan’s sexual encounters with men who still considered themselves straight and used Sivan as a sort of experiment to test their sexuality. Sivan spoke to Apple Music about the song’s inspiration and the emotions that came with creating it:

“I think this is my favourite song I’ve ever worked on. This thing kept happening where I was being approached by guys who’d previously or historically identified as straight. They were flirting with me, saying there was something in me that they were interested in. I just felt all these different things […]

[…] I’d always end up heartbroken. I think I knew I wasn’t treating myself with the respect I deserved by being the secret or the experiment. We wrote three different choruses and ended up coming to this sad robot thing, inspired by a movie I’d seen. Even that spoke to the way I’d felt: like I was expected to be there when they wanted me, then disappear when they freaked out, then be there again when they wanted. Like this emotionless object. And yet there I was time and time again.”

The music video was directed by Gordon Von Steiner and features Troye Sivan in drag, playing on the idea of gender, while American actor, singer and musician Ross Lynch plays his main love interest.

In 3 weeks, the video had a total of 10.4 million views.

Read the lyrics to “One Of Your Girls” here. 

*All information accurate at the time of publishing (20th October 2023).

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Release Date

13th October 2023


Leland, Oscar Görres & Troye Sivan Mellet


Oscar Görres


EMI Australia & Capitol

Chart Rankings

In its first week of release, "One Of Your Girls" charted at: - #24 in Australia - #42 in Canada - #38 in Denmark - #38 in Finland - #43 on the Billboard Global 200 - #21 in Greece - #18 in Iceland - #9 in Ireland - #4 in Latvia - #20 in Lithuania - #20 & #45 on various charts in the Netherlands - #17 in New Zealand - #13 in Norway - #70 in Poland - #92 in Portugal - #20 in Singapore - #68 in South Korea - #26 in Sweden - #65 in Switzerland - #11 in the UK - #79 on the US Billboard Hot 100 *All information accurate at the time of publishing (20th October 2023).

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