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Easy On Me


Album 30

Easy On Me” is the latest single from incredible British singer-songwriter Adele, and marks the musician’s return to music. Having been on a six-year musical hiatus since 2015, “Easy On Me” boasts the singer’s natural talent (her incredible voice), with a heartstring-plucking ballad about growth in the public eye, mistakes in love and her own childhood experiences. Adele first began teasing her upcoming fourth studio album “30” on the 5th October 2021 via social media, as well as dropping hints about “Easy On Me“. Adele spoke to BBC Radio 1 about the track, revealing her inspiration behind the track, the emotions writing the ballad and how it healed her:

I was making decisions in my life which have been well documented over the last few years. I definitely started some fights post my relationship with my son’s dad with other people. Normally I’m very not confrontational but you can just initiate something and be like, ‘Well hang on a minute, go easy on me.’ Just like, bear with me while I try and find my feet in a situation.

There’s something that’s really hopeful about it as well as sad, I obviously bawled my eyes out when I was writing it and when I was singing it for the recording. There’s an element of hope in it which in turn gave me hope because I was at my wit’s end in the beginning of 2019.

The music video for “Easy On Me” was released via Adele’s YouTube channel alongside the single on the 15th October 2021. Filmed in Quebec, Canada on the 15th to 16th September 2021, the video was directed by Canadian filmmaker Xiaver Dolan (who had worked on Adele’s music video for her hit 2015 single “Hello“) and shows Adele in the same house as the “Hello” video. However, this time the video shows Adele travelling in a furniture filled truck, with sheets of music flying out the car. The video starts in black and white, then changes to colour as the tempo of the song changes. In only 3 days, the video had received over 74 million views and 3.4 million likes.

Read the lyrics to “Easy On Me” here. 

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Release Date

15th October 2021


Adele Adkins & Greg Kurstin


Greg Kurstin



Chart Rankings

"Easy On Me" has just been released, meaning it has not yet had time to gain a chart ranking history. However, it has been #1 on YouTube's trending tab for over 3 days, as well as staying at #1 on Spotify's UK Top 50 chart.

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