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Don’t Matter to Me


Album Scorpion

“Don’t Matter to Me” is the 22nd track off of Canadian rapper Drake’s latest album “Scorpion”. It features a sample of an unfinished song created in the nineties by the late Michael Jackson and songwriter Paul Anka. However, the track was met with some controversy from Jackson’s nephew, Austin Brown. Brown told TMZ: “I just feel like, if he didn’t finish it, then you shouldn’t use it. I respect the artist but I just don’t feel like it’s OK to use someone’s vocals… and change them.”

The track opens with Drake singing about a broken relationship and how he feels that the girl he’s seeing is doing things he disapproves of. She’s turning to drugs and drinking to forget about how she’s feeling. Drake tells the girl that she knows “that’s not the way to get over to me”. Then the pre-chorus and chorus is sung by Michael Jackson, using the samples from the nineties. “All of a sudden you say you don’t want me no more / All of a sudden you say that I closed the door”. The pre-chorus is Jackson telling this woman that she’s unclear about what she wants from the relationship. “It don’t matter to me / I don’t matter to me what you say”, the chorus is where the name sake of the song comes from, essentially alluding to the fact that this girl can say anything but it won’t matter – it’s too late to save the relationship. The second verse from Drake goes into more detail about how this girl called him “weak” and how they argued with each other and it almost became physical, so Drake decides that it’s time to leave. The outro of the song is sung my Jackson, with him telling the woman that he’s leaving her today.

Release Date: 29th June 2018

Songwriter/s: Michael Jackson, Nana Rogues, Nineteen85, Paul Anka, Negin Djafari, 40 & Drake

Album: Scorpion (2018)

Genre: Rap, Pop, R&B

Record Label/s: Republic Records, YMCMB

Chart Rankings: #3 in Australia, #1 Australia Urban Chart, #18 in Austria, #33 in Belgium Flanders, #37 in Belgium Wallonia, #4 in Canada (Hot 100), #50 in Canada (Billboard), #6 in Czech Republic, #2 in Denmark, #11 in Finland, #19 in France, #1 in Greece, #6 in Hungary, #3 in Ireland, #23 in Italy, #13 in the Netherlands Top 40, #7 in Netherlands Single Top 100, #6 in New Zealand, #4 in Norway, #2 in Portugal, #33 in Scotland, #4 in Slovakia, #33 in Spain, #1 in Sweden, #5 in Switzerland, #2 in the UK Single charts, #1 in the UK R&B Charts, #9 in the US Billboard Hot 100, #8 in the US Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs, #31 in the US Mainstream Top 40, and #26 in the US Billboard Rhythmic Chart.

Certifications: Gold in Australia, Gold in Denmark, Platinum in Sweden and Silver in UK.

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