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Busy Earnin’


Album Jungle

“Busy Earnin’” is British neo-soul band Jungle’s standout track of 2014, released at the end of February. Written by band members Joshua Lloyd-Watson and Tom McFarland, the track managed to make its way into mainstream media, landing in episodes of American comedy show “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”, as well as landing itself a spot in the playlists of FIFA 15. Music publication NME placed it at #13 on their “Top 50 Tracks of 2014” list.

“Busy Earnin’” is the third track from Jungle’s. self-titled debut studio album released in 2014. The track is a warning to all individuals who choose to work and not have fun, simply for the purpose of gaining more money.

The music video was released alongside the track on YouTube, and was directed by JLW and Oliver Hadlee Pearch. It features a dance group performing a choreographed dance in a large warehouse. As of January 2020, the video has 24.2 views, with over 180 thousand likes.

Release Date: 28th February 2014

Songwriter/s: Josh Lloyd-Watson & Tom McFarland

Producer: Jungle

Label: XL Recording

Music Video Release Date: 28th February 2014

Music Video Director/s: JLW & Oliver Hadlee Pearch

Chart Rankings: “Busy Earnin’” peaked at #19 on the UK Indie chart and #27 on the Ultratip chart in Belgium, and #118 in France – all in July 2018.

The lyrics to “Busy Earnin’” can be viewed here: LINK

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