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Bitch Better Have My Money


Album Released as a single

Story of Song

The badass and bossy single was penned by a 20 year old German songwriter (Bibi) who was bitching about her bad mood over unfinished beats from Roc Nation’s Deputy at a local LA studio. Joe Zadeh from interviewed Bibi (Badrilla Bourelly) and asked how this song came about.  “We were just vibing with Deputy in one of the local studios I record out of,” she said. “It was back when I was into writing to beats, which I don’t do anymore. He played me it, I went in and started saying something like “BITCH BETTER HAVE MY MONEY!”, because I was feeling ratchet that day. We got that shit done in three hours, then Dep went home and worked on it some more. It came out the way it did, and people seemed to like it.”
When asked if Bibi was commissioned specifically to write this song for Rihanna, she replied: “Hmm, we actually wrote it for fun because we thought, let’s try to write a song for Rihanna. We had no idea she would actually ever hear it or do it; we just decided. It took us forever to get it to her, and when she did hear it, she thought it was cool. I’m an artist first and foremost, you see? The only songwriting projects I’ve ever had are Rihanna. And, to be honest, she’s the only person I really cared about writing for. She liked my songs and the things I was doing, because I love to make music. And she picked them.”

Release date

Released March 26, 2015


Jamil M. Pierre – Badrilla Bourelly – Rodyn Fenty – Jacques Webster – Kanye West – Ebony Oshunrinde


Roc Nation – Westbury Road

Chart Rankings

In the US, the single reached number 15 on the US Billboard Hot 100, and peaked at number 1 on the US Dance Club Songs. The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) certified it Platinum for sales over 1 million copies. In the UK, it peaked at number 27 on the UK Single Charts and number 5 on the UK R&B Official Charts. It was certified Silver by the British Phonographic Industry (BPI).  Rihanna’s single reached the top 10 charts in Australia (Urban), Belgium, France, Hungary, Lebanon, Luxembourg, New Zealand, Slovakia, Spain, and Switzerland, and it topped the charts in Finland. ‘Bitch Better Have My Money’ was certified Gold in Australia, Denmark, France, New Zealand, and Poland, while in Italy and Sweden it was certified Platinum.

Artist’s age on release date

Rihanna was 27 years old when she released this single.

Cover Versions

Kelly Clarkson – Lara Lee – Rain Paris – William Singe – FAB & Alo Lee – other amateur artists covered this song on Youtube.

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Bitch Better Have My Money by Rihanna

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