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Story of Song

A love song about someone who broke up with their girlfriend and now asking for forgiveness. Graham Russell talked about this love ballad in an interview with, saying: “Originally it was, ‘I’m all out of love, I want to arrest you.’ By that I mean, ‘I want to get your attention.’ In Australia nobody questioned it, and it was a number 1 song in Australia in ’78. Clive heard it, he says, ‘Oh, no, that’s too weird.’ It had already been a hit. He said, ‘In America they won’t understand that.’ So he said, ‘What about ‘I’m all out of love, I’m so lost without you’?’ And I thought, Yeah that sounds great. I mean, at first I thought, Oh, I don’t know if I want to change it. But Clive said, ‘It’s a great song and it could be a massive hit, but you just need to change a couple of lines.’ It was that line, and there was another line: ‘I know you were right.’ ‘I’m all out of love, I’m so lost without you, I know you were right.’ But funnily enough, we’ll never know if it would have worked the other way. And I doubt it, to be honest. Because Clive is usually right.”

Release date

Released in February 1980 worldwide, and in Australia alone 1978.


Graham Russell – Clive Davis


Arista – EMI

Chart Rankings

US – 2

UK – 11


In the UK, this song was Air Supply’s only chart entry reaching number 11. It peaked at number 2 in the US Billboard Hot 100 Charts.

‘All Out Of Love’ has featured in numerous films and TV shows such as Animal Kingdom, National Lampoon’s Van Wilder, Happiness, Glee, The Wedding Date, Hung, The Americans and Brooklyn Nine-Nine. It peaked at number 3 in Australia, Germany and Switzerland.

Artist’s age on release date

Air Supply duo was active for 5 years. Graham Russell was 29 and Russell Hitchcock was 30 years of age.

Cover Versions

Alan Tam (Hong Kong) – Andru Donalds – Westlife & Delta Goodrem – OTT band – Mary Zilba – Amateur artists covered this song.