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*The copyright for the cover art for the self-titled by the artist Hozier is believed to belong to the labels Rubyworks, Island Records & Universal Records, or the graphic artist(s).

Album Information

“Hozier” is the 2014 debut album from Irish singer, musician and songwriter Hozier. It was released via Rubyworks, Island and Columbia Records on the 20th July 2014.

Many of the album’s songs went on to become extremely popular, such as “Take Me To Church”“From Eden”“Work Song”, and many more.

The album performed extremely well, and went on to receive many certifications across the globe:

  • 3x Platinum in the US & Canada
  • 2x Platinum in Australia, Denmark, Poland and the UK
  • Platinum in Austria, the Netherlands, Norway & Sweden
  • Gold in Germany, Italy, New Zealand and Singapore.