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World in Motion

New Order

Album World in Motion (Single)

The 1990 single “World in Motion” was from British band New Order, created for the England football team for the 1990 FIFA World Cup campaign.

The song was written and features members of the 1990 English football team, and was originally going to be called “E for England”, however the Football association was worried that the title would be taken as a nod to Ecstasy. David Bloomfield, who was the Football Association’s Press Officer at the time had contacted Tony Wilson, the head of Factory Records, suggesting that New Order record a track for the upcoming FIFA World Cup in Italy that year. Bloomfield had been inspired by a track by English electronic group Colourbox and their song “The Official Colourbox World Cup Theme”. 

The music video featured clips of the 1990 England football team playing, as well as shots of some of the players singing the song in black and white clips. Uploaded to New Order‘s YouTube channel in September 2013, as of the 21st August 2021, the video has received 8.8 million views and over 41 thousand likes.

Read the lyrics to “World in Motion” here. 

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Release Date

21st May 1990


Keith Allen, Bernard Sumner, Peter Hook, Stephen Morris & Gilian Gilbert


Stephen Hague



Chart Rankings

- #21 in Australia - #21 in Germany - #7 in Ireland - #8 in New Zealand - #27 in Switzerland - #1 on the UK Singles Chart - #1 on the UK Indie Chart - #5 on the US Billboard Alternative Airplay - #10 on the US Billboard Dance Club Songs - #10 on the US Billboard Hot Dance Singles Sales

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