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Wild Side


Album Wild Side (Single)

“Wild Side” is the most recent single from American singer Normani featuring American rapper Cardi B, marking the pair’s first collaboration together. This also marks Normani’s first release since 2019, when she released “Motivation” in August.

“Wild Side” interpolates Aaliyah’s “One in a Million”, and discusses sexual tension, physical intimacy and sexual liberation. Cardi B’s feature happened last minute, according to an Instagram live hosted by Normani, where she revealed some facts about the song minutes before it was released:

“Cardi, Cardi! Yo, and the fact that she was able to hop on this record, like, I kid you guys not, I was already in rehearsal. I was already in rehearsal for the music video and I’m like, yo, like, not even with this record and mine, but I’m thinking, like, I’ve gotta do something with her. What record? Like, how can we make this happen? And it just so happened, Kollin [Normani & Cardi’s stylist], hit me up and was like, “Actually, that Wild Side record…” She was like, “Is it that Wild Side record? I wanna be a part of that Wild Side record. I wanna hop on that.” And the shit happened and she delivered while we were in rehearsal. So while we were rehearsing, we actually didn’t have the verse yet and then we got the verse and the shit just happened.”

Cardi B also spoke about the song, sharing an Instagram post telling fans to support Normani with her latest single:

feel like this is Normani’s big comeback and, like, I want you guys to treat it like it’s her birthday. Like, this is literally her birthday and, like, this song, this everything, is amazing and I am just so proud of her. I’m just like the support team. I’m the support team, okay? I’m just here like, “Yay.” But I’m so excited. You guys are gonna see Normani in a different light. Oh my gosh, I’m excited. This is amazing.”

The music video for “Wild Side” was released on the same day as the single via Normani’s YouTube channel. Directed by Tanu Muino (who previously had worked with Cardi B for her video for her single “Up”). The video shows Normani and Cardi B dancing on various different stages and platforms, sometimes with dancers, other times the both of them intertwined on the stage, only covered by their hair. As of the 21st July 2021, the video has received over 14.3 million views with over 830 thousand likes.

Read the lyrics to “Wild Side” here.

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Release Date

16th July 2021


: Normani Hamilton, Brittany Hazzard, Belcalis Almanzar, Dave Cappa, Jonah Christian, Jorden Thorpe, June Nawakii, Keynon Moore, Taylor Ross & Tyler Rohn


Normani, Dave Cappa, Starrah, Tyler Rohn, Jonah Christian, Taylor Ross & June Nawakii


RCA & Keep Cool

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"Wild Side" did not reach mainstream charts.

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