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The Path


Album Solar Power

The Path” is the opening song from New Zealand singer-songwriter Lorde and her third studio album “Solar Power”, which was released on the 20th August 2021 through Universal Records.

The Path” sees Lorde set the tone for “Solar Power“, remembering years in her life, and times where her fame felt surreal and almost unreal. Lorde also emphasises that she cannot be a saviour to anyone, and that humans must look to nature to find themselves. Lorde spoke to both Apple Music and Spotify about the song:

“This was the first one I wrote for the album, and I always knew it would open it. I wanted to bring people right up to speed: This is where I’m at. This is the wave. As I get older, I feel the absurd nature of our modern life more every day, and some of the images in this song really play into that. I’ve also been thinking more about people in my position and the worship that comes towards someone like me. I thought about dismantling that and saying, “Let’s leave that at the door for this one and make it about something else.” It was really fun, golden and sassy to be like, “It’s not going to be me. I’m sorry. Let’s redirect.”

– Lorde, Apple Music

“‘The Path,“ is one of the first songs I wrote for the album. I wrote this song alone in New Zealand. I had a little Yamaha DX, a tiny keyboard, and I would sit at home in the sun playing these chords trying to put together these disparate chunks of lyric that I had. I just felt like the absurd, beautiful nature of being alive was really starting to present itself to me. The combination of me as a public facing person and me as someone who is very private. I really saw it as me saying “Hey, how you doing? Long time no see. This is what I’ve been up to.”

Lorde, Spotify


There is currently no official music video for “The Path“, however there is an official audio video available via Lorde’s official YouTube channel.


Read the lyrics to “The Path” here. 

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Release Date

20th August 2021


Jack Antonoff & Lorde


Malay, Lorde & Jack Antonoff



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"The Path" did not reach mainstream charts, but

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