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Stressed Out

Twenty One Pilots

Album Blurryface

“Stressed Out” is the second track from American rock band twenty one pilots and their fourth studio album, “Blurryface”. The track was written by lead vocalist and keyboardist Tyler Joseph, with other band member Josh Dun playing the drums and percussion. Produced by Mike Elizondo, “Stressed Out” describes “Blurryface”, an imaginary character that the album focuses on and which many fans have stated, is used as a symbol for depression and anxiety within twenty one pilots’ music. twenty one pilots was also the first ever rock group to have a song reach 1 billion streams on Spotify.

“Stressed Out” describes mundane everyday life, and the feeling of nostalgia and times of childhood, when there were less stresses and responsibilities. In an interview with, Tyler Joseph explained what blurryface is, and described it as an act where you wear black makeup on your hands and neck, and symbolizes the suffocation you feel from stress. Brandon Rike who was behind the artwork and illustration for “Blurryface”, explained the concept for his work, as well as sharing some of the conversations he had with Joseph: “Blurryface isn’t that black and white. There are more layers to him than described. He can either be represented as sad, angry, evil, or deceptive. He has a tendency to draw you in, but only to pull you down. Tyler mentioned a vision of his mutilated face, and all of the dread associated with the elusive enemy. There is something vague about him, and something that cannot be completely described. No matter what your interpretation of Blurryface is, it’s safe to say that he remains something that we try to hide, and not show to the outside world.”

The music video was released on the 28th April 2015 and was directed by Mark C. Eshelman. The video was filmed mainly at band member Josh Dun’s childhood home I Ohio, and features members travelling to each other’s’ houses via tricycles, playing the song at their homes and in a white room with their family members are behind them listening. As of May 2020, the video has over 2 billion views and 12 million likes.

Release Date: 28th April 2015

Songwriter: Tyler Joseph

Producer: Mike Elizondo

Label: Fueled by Ramen

Music Video Release Date: 28th April 2015

Music Video Director: Mark C. Eshelman

Chart Rankings, Certifications & Awards: “Stressed Out” performed extremely well on global charts, charting at 14 in Argentina, #2 in Australia and Austria; #3 and #7 on various charts in Belgium; #3 in Canada, #2 and #1 in the Czech Republic; #10 in Denmark, #4 in Ecuador, #7 in Finland, #2 in France, #3 in Germany, #27, #11 and #10 on various charts in Hungary; #5 in Ireland, #7 in Italy, #1 in Mexico, #3 and #8 in the Netherlands; #5 in New Zealand, #6 in Norway, #1 Poland, #5 in Portugal, #2 in Russia, #8 in Scotland, #5 and #7 on various charts in Slovakia; #7 in Slovenia, #13 in Spain, #9 in Sweden, #2 in Switzerland, #12 in the UK and the Ukraine; five #1’s on different US Billboard charts, as well as charting at #17, #2, #4, #36 and #31 on other Billboard charts. “Stressed Out” is certified 5x Platinum in Australia, Platinum in Austria, 2x Platinum in Belgium, 8x Platinum in Canada, 2x Platinum in Denmark, Diamond in France, 3x Gold in Germany, 5x Platinum in Italy, Gold in Mexico, Platinum in the Netherlands, 2x Platinum in New Zealand, 3x Platinum in Norway and Poland, 2x Platinum in Switzerland and the UK, and lastly, 8x Platinum in the US. “Stressed Out” has received a Grammy Award for “Best Pop Duo/Group Performance”.

The lyrics to “Stressed Out” can be accessed here: LINK

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