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“RENTAL” is the twelfth track from rap group collective BROCKHAMPTON’s 2017 album “SATURATION III”.

“RENTAL” tells a story of a person feeling as though their relationships are never permanent, and ultimately ending up with a person who will never be theirs and who will eventually leave. Only a few members actually feature on the track: Kevin Abstract who sings the opening verse and the chorus, Dom McLennon who sings the second verse and lastly, Matt Champion who features on the pre-chorus as well as the bridge.

The music video was released on the 15th December 2017, and features the band singing the track while behind the scenes at a photoshoot, at the beginning of the video, Roberto (a member of BROCKHAMPTON) appears in a bath eating a banana, and states in Spanish that it marks the end of an era and that they are extremely thankful for their fans’ support and that they love them. As of October 2019, the video has over 5.6 million views and over 97 thousand likes.

Release Date: 15th December 2017

Songwriter/s: Matt Champion, Kevin Abstract & Dom McLennon

Producer/s: Q3 & Romil Hemnani

Label/s: Question Everything / Empire

Music Video Release Date: 15th December 2017

Music Video Director: Kevin Abstract

Chart Rankings: “SATURATION III” ranked at #13 on the Billboard’s R&B/Hip-Hop Album Sales playlist, and “RENTAL” is a sold favourite among hardcore BROCKHAMPTON fans.

The lyrics for “RENTAL” can be found here: LINK

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