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Piece of Your Heart ft. Goodboys


Album Piece of Your Heart (Single)

“Piece of Your Heart” is the hit 2019 song from Italian production trio “MEDUZA”, consisting of Luca de Gregorio, Mattias Vitale and Simone Giani. The song is also a collaboration with British vocal trio Goodboys, consisting of Joshua Grimmett, Johannes Shore and Ethan Shore.

In a 2019 interview with music publication, MEDUZA spoke about how they collaborated and the process of creating “Piece of Your Heart”: “We knew Goodboys thanks to a common friend who sent us some of their stuff, after a year we decided to meet us in a studio in London working on a session all together in one room, after working on ¾ tracks we decided to have a break and have some fun writing something different, something not standard for the scene, and that was the right moment when we wrote the first verse and chorus of Piece of your heart, everyone in the studio from the team was shocked at first listen at the end of the week. It wasn’t deliberate, the microphone was recording when he did that, we thought it was cool and put it in for fun.”

The official music video for the track was released on YouTube via MEDUZA’s YouTube channel back in April 2019. It follows a handful of couples and individuals skateboarding, spray painting and dancing on a rooftop. As of January 2020, the video has over 40 million views with 352 thousand likes.

Release Date: 1st February 2019

Songwriter/s: Luca de Gregorio, Mattias Vitale, Simone Giani, Conor Blake, Nathan Cross, Joshua Grimmett and Julian Perretta

Producer: MEDUZA

Label/s: Virgin / Polydor

Music Video Release Date: 9th April 2019

Chart Rankings & Certifications: “Piece of Your Heart” charted globally and highly, ranking at #7 in Australia, #9 in Austria, #2 and #4 in Belgium; #9 in Brazil, #1 in Bulgaria, #39 in Canada, #22 in China, #6 and #3 in the Czech Republic; #4 in Denmark, #22 in France, #4 in Germany, #14 in Greece, #14,#2, #8 and #10 on various charts in Hungary; #8 in Iceland, #3 in Ireland, #10 in Italy, #4 in Latvia, #5 in Lithuania, #1 in Mexico, #4 and #6 in the Netherlands; #9 in Poland, #16 in Portugal, #12 in Romania, #1 in Russia, #2 in Scotland, #5 & #3 in Slovakia; #6 in Slovenia, #20 in Sweden, #6 in Switzerland, #27 in the Ukraine, #2 in the UK, and #1 and #10 on various US Billboard charts. “Piece of Your Heart” is certified Gold in Canada, France, Germany, Mexico, New Zealand and Poland; it is also certified Platinum in Belgium, Denmark, Portugal and the UK; 2x Platinum in Italy and 4x Platinum in Australia.

The lyrics to “Piece of Your Heart” can be viewed here: LINK

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