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2011 was undoubtedly the year of “Party Rock Anthem”, a song produced by the duo LMFAO (RedFoo, SkyBlu) together with GoonRock and Lauren Bennet, which was shot on all the radios of the moment; the release of “Party Rock Anthem” was now known to have shaped new musical records, but after 7 years it seems that the song of the Duo LMFAO does not want to be forgotten.

The 2018 for “Party Rock Anthem” was the year where he reached his third album of Diamante, in USA. The year in which it has sold over 20 million units, the year in which it was elected as the best hit in the world by the “Billboard 60th anniversary” and not only, with over 1.5 billion views on Youtube, the song is becoming (again) a world-class meme. Starting from September 2018 a video appeared on the net showing the “Party Rock Anthem” video clip dancing on the notes of another song with the same BPM (130) of Party Rock, the video generated a chain reaction on the Social Network, and many people created video mixes with songs from the BPM similar to Party Rock and putting it on top of the Duo dance in the video; the extraordinary thing is that the dance of “Party Rock Anthem” is able to match almost all the songs, giving the feeling that the dance created by LMFAO for Party Rock Anthem, is actually a dance for songs with BPM close to 130. With this meme there are also little known old songs in the name, such as “September” or “Cotton Eye Joe” have become viral.

Speaking instead of Record, “Party Rock Anthem” is the song of 2011 bestseller ever;
The first song of a musical Duo to reach 1 billion views on Youtube;
The first song to have reached 1 million like on Youtube;
The first song of a Duo to have a Diamond record in the United States;
The best-selling song in Australia;
The best-selling song in France in 2011;
The most sold 21st century song in Canada and many others.

Speaking of certifications Party Rock Anthem boasts of 3 Diamond disks, many multi-platinum and gold.

Diamond Records:
USA with 10,000,000 units sold
Canada with 880,000 units sold
France with 400,000 units sold
Multi-platinum Records:
United Kingdom with 1,585,000 units sold (2 disks)
Sweden with 1,240,000 units sold (31 disks)
Australia with 1,050,000 units sold (15 disks)
Germany with 800,000 units sold (2 disks)
Japan with 500,000 units sold (2 disks)
Russia with 200,000 units sold (10 disks)
Italy with 100,000 units sold (2 disks)
Switzerland with 90,000 units sold (3 disks)
Denmark with 80,000 units sold (2 disks)
New Zealand with 60,000 units sold (4 disks)
Platinum Records:
South Korea with 3,886,000 units sold
Belgium with 30,000 units sold
Gold Records:
Spain with 20,000 units sold

Worldwide has sold over 20.9 million units.

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