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It is now 7 years since the release of the super hit Party Rock Anthem; with over 1.5 billion views on Youtube is one of the most viewed videos on Youtube and the first video uploaded in 2011. Party Rock Anthem has been nominated by the “Billboard 60th anniversary” as the 6th most successful song.
Diamond certified by the RIAA in 2018 for having sold over 10,000,000 units it reaches its third diamond disc, the first given by the French musical certifications for having sold over 400,000 units and the second by Canada with 880,000 units.
In the rest of the world sold 30,000 units in Mexico (gold) 20,000 in Spain (gold), Denmark digital platinum and streaming with a total of 130,000 units, Belgium platinum with 30,000 units, South Korea with 3,880,000 units, Germany double platinum with 600,000 units, Japan double platinum with 500,000 units, Italy double platinum with 100,000 units, New Zealand 4 platinum with 60,000 units, United Kingdom with double platinum with 1,390,000 units, Switzerland with 3 platinum with 90,000 units, Sweden with 3 platinum with 120,000 units and Australia with 15 platinum with 1,050,000 units; with a total of 19,280,000 units sold worldwide.

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