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No Judgement

Niall Horan

Album Heartbreak Weather

“No Judgement” is the third single from Irish singer-songwriter Niall Horan and his second studio album, “Heartbreak Weather”, which is due to be released later this year.

“No Judgement” was written by Niall Horan and four other writers – two of those being Julian Bunetta and Tobias Jesso Jr. – who also produced the song. “No Judgement” is about being able to be completely yourself with someone else, with them never judging you for your actions or feelings.

The music video was released on YouTube on the 7th February 2020 alongside the song. Directed by Drew Kirsch, the video begins with a monologue from Horan, dressed in a white suit: “here comes a time in the mating cycle of humans, when the need to impress is replaced by a period they call “No Judgement.” Let me tell ya something: it get’s a little bit strange.” Horan then procedes to follow an elderly couple through their life and their activites, showing how neither of the pair feel the need to chang or hide themselves. In less than a week, the video has over 2.2 million views with over 272 thousand likes.

Release Date: 7th February 2020

Songwriter/s: Alexander Izquierdo, John Ryan, Tobias Jesso Jr. , Julian Bunetta & Niall Horan

Producer/s: Julian Bunetta & Tobias Jesso Jr.

Label/s: Neon Haze / Capitoal

Music Video Release Date: 7th February 2020

Music Video Director: Drew Kirsch

Chart Rankings: “No Judgement” reached peak chart positions of #24 on the British iTunes charts, with the track ranking #50 as of the 10th February 2020.

The lyrics to “No Judgement” can be viewed here: LINK

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