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Modern Love

David Bowie

Album Let’s Dance

“Modern Love” is the opening track to iconic British rock musician David Bowie’s fifteenth studio album “Let’s Dance”, released in 1983.

The track was written by Bowie and also produced by him as well as Nile Rodgers.
Its upbeat tune keeps listeners on their toes while also warning them of “modern love”. “Modern love” could be referencing the change of lifestyle and the change that is to come from society. Bowie emphasises that he’s “never going to fall for / (modern love) / walks beside me (modern love)”, as well as it getting him “to Church on time”, but “God and Man / Don’t believe / in Modern Love”. The track could also be a criticism of religion due to the references of “no religion” and “no confessions”. The track doesn’t clarify the song’s definition of “modern love”.

The official music video for the track was uploaded to David Bowie’s official YouTube channel on the 14th June 2018 and has almost 2 million views. The music video consists of footage of Bowie performing the song live in concert in Philadelphia in July 1983.

Release Date: 1st September 1983

Songwriter/s: David Bowie

Producer/s: David Bowie, Nile Rodgers

Label/s: EMI America

Music Video Release Date:

Chart Rankings & Certifications: “Modern Love” went to #6 in Australia, New Zealand and the US Rock charts, #3 in Belgium and Ireland, #2 in Canada and the UK, as well as reaching France and Poland. The track received Silver certification in the UK.

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