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“MEGATRON” is the lead single off of popular rap artist Nicki Minaj and her untitled upcoming album, which is due to be released later this year. The track is the first single that Minaj has released this year, as she went on a social media and public appearance hiatus earlier in 2019.

The track contains a sample from dancehall musician Mr. Vega and his track “Heads High”, as well as the infamous reggae/dancehall track: “Filthy Riddim”. “MEGATRON” is classed in the “dancehall” genre. The track consists of Minaj saying she is a “Megatron” (a villain from the famous series “Transformers”), and how if her romantic interested should “pull up if you’re feeling lonely”, essentially stating to meet up. The track also emphasizes drinking and Minaj’s ability to drink heavily and how “It’s better when I’m drinkin’”.

As of August 2019, the music video for the track has almost 56 million views since its upload to Nicki Minaj’s YouTube channel on the 21st June 2019. It features Minaj dancing in different environments and outfits, such as in a jungle in front of a green car, a pink lit room and a pool party, surrounded by female dancers and the occasional male lover.

Release Date: 21st June 2019

Songwriter/s: Haldane Brown, Andrew “Pop” Wansel, Brittany Coney, Blu June & Nicki Minaj

Producer/s: Andrew “Pop” Wansel & NOVA WAV

Label/s: Young Money / Cash Money & Republic Records

Music Video Release Date: 21st June 2019

Chart Rankings: “MEGATRON” placed itself in the charts of many different countries, from Australia, Hungary, the UK, Scotland, New Zealand and the US. It’s highest ranking chart position was in the Irish chart, ranking at #9.

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