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Love Of My Life


Album A Night at the Opera

“Love Of My Life” is a song from Queen and their 1975 album “A Night at the Opera”. Written by Freddie Mercury and produced by Queen and Roy Thomas Baker.

“Love Of My Life” is a sentimental ballad written by Mercury, who never publicly disclosed the track’s muse, however had this to say about the song: “There isn’t really any connection between the music and my life. ‘Love of My Life,’ for instance, I simply made up. There’s nothing personal about it.”

The official music video for the track was uploaded to Queen’s official YouTube channel in October 2008. The music video features clips from the bands ‘Greatest Video Hits 1’, where Queen are performing live. As of late July 2020, the video has 63 million views and 467 thousand likes.

Release Date: 21st November 1975

Songwriter: Freddie Mercury

Producer/s: Queen & Roy Thomas Baker

Label/s: EMI & Elektra

Music Video Release Date: N/A

Chart Rankings & Certifications: “Love Of My Life” did not chart until 2018, landing at #75 in Portugal and #23 on the US Billboard Hot Rock Songs chart. “Love Of My Life” is certified Gold in Italy and Silver in the UK.

The lyrics to “Love Of My Life” can be viewed here: LINK

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