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Another One Bites the Dust


Album The Game

Perhaps one of the most musically motivating songs because of its incredible punchy beat and catchy lyrics, “Another One Bites the Dust” is one of Queen’s best selling songs ever, where it was a hit in over 17 countries – particularly in the US, where topped both the Disco and Pop charts.

From their 1980’s album “The Game”, “Another Bites the Dust” is Queen’s highest selling song of all time. The lyrics have never been fully analysed, but seem to centre around the theme of death; the phrase “another bites the dust” is a British euphemism for death. In the track, one can only assume that Freddie Mercury is talking about either a metaphorical death, like cutting a relationship or contact from his life – or perhaps just telling a story, as the narrative really sets a scene: “Steve walks warily down the street / With his brim pulled way down low”. However, there is also the second verse where Mercury asks an unknown person: “How do you think I’m going to get along / Without you, when you’re gone / You took me for everything that I had / And kicked me out on my own”. Ultimately, the song could be either discussing a metaphorical death or simply a narrative. At the end of the track, Mercury tells the audience that he is ready. Mercury had also previously mentioned that Michael Jackson had inspired the song, and told him to write something that “the cats can dance too”. The track does have a more pop feel to it, which could be influenced by Michael Jackson’s comment.

The music video for the track is Queen performing the song on a stage, with differing camera angles – from the side, from behind the drums, far away from the stage. Sometimes a fish eye lens is used when zoomed in on Mercury, giving it a more widened and stretched effect. The music video has over 258 million views.

Release Date: June 30th1980

Songwriter/s: John Deacon

Producer/s: Queen, Mack

Label: EMI, Elektra (US), Mute (UK)

Chart Rankings, Certifications & Awards: It went Platinum in the US (with over 3 million units sold), and Gold in the Philippines and the UK. In its year of release the track went to #5 in Australia, #1 in Canada, #1 in Israel, #6 in Germany, #1 in Spain, #1 on the US Billboard Hot11 and the US Cash Box.

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