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Know Your Worth


Album Know Your Worth (Single)

“Know Your Worth” is the latest single from American singer Khalid and British electronic duo Disclosure (Howard and Guy Lawerence). “Know Your Worth” marks the second collaboration between Khalid and Disclosure, following their 2019 track “Talk”, which was met with positive feedback from fans and music critics alike.

The song was released on the 4th February 2020, and as the would suggest, it is a track about knowing your worth and loving yourself, and was written by Khalid, Guy Lawrence (one half of Disclosure) and writer James Napier – with Disclosure also producing the track. Khalid spoke to Apple Music about “Know Your Worth” and what he wanted listeners to get out of the song: “When I started writing this song, it was like I was singing to myself in the mirror. I feel like the message in this song is something that I needed to hear at the time I was writing it and I hope that it resonates with a lot of people who need to hear that kind of message.”

There is currently no music video for the track, however the official audio video on Khalid’s YouTube channel has almost 5 million views with over a quarter of a million likes since its release at the beginning of February. On Spotify, the song has 45 million streams worldwide.

Release Date: 4th February 2020

Songwriter/s: Khalid Robinson, Guy Lawrence & James Napier

Producer/s: Disclosure

Label: RCA

Chart Rankings: “Know Your Worth” has performed well on the charts, reaching #31 in Australia, #69 in Austria, #8 and #4 on various charts in Belgium; #48 and #40 on various charts in Canada; #67 in the Czech Republic, #25 in Ireland, #24 and #37 in different charts in the Netherlands; #38 in New Zealand, #40 in Norway, #71 in Portugal, #45 in Scotland, #53 in Slovakia, #64 in Sweden, #51 in Switzerland, #33 in the UK, and #57, #26, #20, #28 and #46 on different charts in the US.

The lyrics to “Know Your Worth” can be viewed here: LINK

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