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Album Eleven (Single)

“Eleven” is American RnB singer-songwriter Khalid’s first release of 2020. Released on the 9th January, “Eleven” was written by Khalid, Digi, Khirye Tyler and Simon Says – with Simon Says and Digi also producing the track.

“Eleven” is a song that focuses on a drive with a significant other, specifically using that drive to understand the feelings each individual has for one another. In an interview with Zane Lowe on the day of the release of “Eleven”, Khalid spoke about the track in more detail: “I love making music you could drive to, and I feel like “Eleven” is, like, the perfect track to just play on your stereo, grip the wheel of your car and just, I mean, just go where the wind takes you. That’s what this song makes me feel like. This one, I just wanted to do something different. I’m R&B to my core, an R&B household, my mom lives, breathes, sleeps R&B music. So I really feel like this is the ode to, just, people who came before me. I really love, you know, it reminds me of, you know, like, that Timbaland era with Missy Elliot, Aaliyah, just where, music just felt so good that you just wanted to turn it on and drive to nowhere.”

There is currently no official music video for “Eleven”, however there is a lyric video on Khalid’s YouTube channel, which has 2.3 million views since its upload on the 9th January 2020. On Spotify, the song has 30.2 million plays worldwide.

Release Date: 9th January 2020

Songwriter/s: Simon Says, Khirye Tyler, Denis Kosiak, Digi & Khalid

Producer/s: Simon Says & Digi

Label/s: RCA Records / Right Hand Music Group

Chart Rankings: “Eleven” hit the peak chart positions of #83, #39 and #10 on various US charts; #48 in Australia, #52 in Canada; #71 in Sweden and #70 in the UK.

The lyrics to “Eleven” can be accessed here: LINK

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