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Jackie Chan ft. Preme & Post Malone

Tiësto & Dzeko

Album Jackie Chan (Single) (2018)

“Jackie Chan” is the upbeat house summer anthem from May 2018, created by well known DJ’s Tiësto and Dzeko. The track was originally a song from Canadian artist Preme (real name Raynford Humphrey), but the production of this track is brand new as the vocals from Preme and rapper Post Malone.

The track discusses a woman who wants to be independent and “doesn’t need no man”, but both Post Malone and Preme are attempting to convince the woman that they care about her, but she believes that “she’s too young”. Dzeko spoke to about the track back in September 2018, discussing how the track came about and why it was remixed: “I’ve known Tiësto for a long time. We’ve been good friends. I’m also from Toronto, same as Preme, so I met Preme three years ago at a Drake concert in Toronto. We were always going back and forth. One night, I went to [Preme’s] studio in Calabasas, and we made a lit song for Roy Woods called “Something New.”
Going back to “Jackie Chan,” I’ve just been friends with Preme for a long time, same with Tiësto, and I know Post, and Preme was working on his album. Preme played us “Jackie Chan,” his version, and we talked about how we could give it an upbeat, summery vibe. It was very spontaneous. When me and Tiësto heard it, we were like “Shit, this is really cool. We could definitely somehow flip it.” Not too EDM, but still dance-y. A summery vibe. The second I heard the hook, little things like “Uber out to Calabasas,” I knew. I instantly knew, “this is insane.”

The music video was released 2nd July 2018 and was directed by Jay Martin. It features animated characters of all the musicians in the track, living in a digital world driving around in a digital car. As of August 2019, the music video has over 41 million views.

Release Date: 18th May 2018

Songwriter/s: Tijs Verwest (Tiësto), Louis Bell, Raynford Humphrey (Preme), Austin Post, Julian Dzeko & Luis Raposo Torres

Producer/s: Tiësto, Preme, Julian Dzeko, Wallis Lane & Luis Raposo Torres

Label/s: Musical Freedom

Music Video Release Date: 2nd July 2018

Music Video Director: Jay Martin

Chart Rankings & Certifications: “Jackie Chan” peaked within the top ten charts in many different countries, including Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Latvia, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland and the UK. The track also received many certifications worldwide: Gold in Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Germany, Italy and the UK – but also receiving Platinum certification in Australia, New Zealand, Norway, Poland and Sweden.

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