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Inta Eyh

Nancy Ajram

Album Ah W Noss

“Inta Eyh” (“What Are You”) was released as the fourth and final single from Lebenease singer Nancy Ajram and her fourth studio album “Ah W Noss” (“Yes, I Mean It”), which was released on the 14th April 2004. However, “Inta Eyh” was released on the 19th June 2005 and was written by Mustafa Moursi with production done by Tarek Madkour.

“Inta Eyh” is pop ballad about a lover who cheats on Ajram. Ajram question her lover in the song, asking them who they are and describing how much pain she is in because of him. The song has recently gained popularity thanks to American singer Billie Eilish, who shared the track on her new podcast on Apple Music, “Me & Dad Radio”. The podcast consists of EIlish and her father Patrick pick a set of songs each week that are a favourite to both of them. Speaking about Ajram, Eilish had this to say: “This is Nancy Ajram who I love.” Eilish also discussed her love for Ajram’s “Fi Hagat”, which she played on the podcast.

The video for “Inta Eyh” was uploaded to YouTube on the 18th June 2009, and was directed by Labaki, who had previously worked with Ajram for some of her previous music videos. In the video, Ajram plays the role of a sad wife who discovers that her husband is cheating on her with her best friend, ending with Ajram waking up at dawn crying, and remembering the events in her bathroom. As of the end of May 2020, the video has 66.5 million views with over 386 thousand likes.

The English lyrics to “Inta Eyh” can be accessed here: LINK

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Inta Eyh by Nancy Ajram

Release Date

19th June 2005


Mustafa Moursi


Tarek Madkour


Relax-In & Megastar

Chart Rankings

“Inta Eyh” reached the top five in the charts in mainly the Middle East. The track has 6.1 million streams on Spotify.

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