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Fi Hagat

Nancy Ajram

Album Nancy 7

“Fi Hagat” is the seventh track from Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram and her seventh studio album “Nancy 7”, which was released in September 2010 through the label In2Musica. “Fi Hagat” was written by Ahmed Marzouk and produced by Nadine Labaki.

“Fi Hagat” translates to “there are things” and is a love ballad about unspoken conversations between two lovers. Ajram is not asking her lover to change themselves, but to simply pay more attention to her. The song has recently gained popularity thanks to American singer Billie Eilish, who shared the track on her new podcast on Apple Music, “Me & Dad Radio”. The podcast consists of EIlish and her father Patrick pick a set of songs each week that are a favourite to both of them. Eilish described her love for “Fi Hagat”, stating: “The way she sings is so crazy. The way Arabic music sounds is just like melted chocolate in my ears. Not literally, but I love this song and I love the melodies and I love the way she sings.”

The music video was released via Ajram’s YouTube channel on the 26th February 2013 and was directed by Nadine Labaki. The video follows the same style as many of Ajram’s videos, showing her getting ready to see her daughter in a school play with her husband. Throughout the night, Ajram sings the track to herself while watching her husband and daughter longingly. The video ends with Ajram going to sleep. As of June 2020, the video has 77.4 million views.

Release Date: 6th September 2010

Songwriter: Ahmed Marzouk

Producer: Hadi Sharara

Label: In2Musica

Music Video Release Date: 26th February 2013

Music Video Director: Nadine Labaki

Chart Rankings: “Fi Hagat” peaked at #1 on multiple Arabian charts, more significantly the HitMarker chart, where it remained at #1 for fifteen consecutive weeks.

The lyrics to “Fi Hagat” can be accessed here: LINK

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