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I Can Make You Feel Good


Album Friends

“I Can Make You Feel Good” is the tenth song from American funk group Shalamar and their 1982 album “Friends”, which is their sixth studio album.

Written by Howard Hewett from Shalamar, writers William Shelb and Renwick Jackson, with production by Leon Sylvers III. “I Can Make You Feel Good” was one of Shalamar’s first top ten hit, followed by their single “A Night to Remember”. The song is a disco-inspired love ballad, to an unnamed woman who Shalamar is trying to woo and be with.

The official YouTube channel for the record the label is signed to (“SOLAR Records”) does not seem to have the music video for “I Can Make You Feel Good”, but a user by the name of “Hans Hoppenbrouwers” uploaded what seems to be the official video for the track, with Shalamar singing the song on stage. Since its upload in February 2014, the video has 3.1 million views and over 16 thousand likes. On Spotify, the song has 9.4 million streams worldwide.

Release Date: 1982

Songwriter/s: Howard Hewett, Renwick Jackson & William Shelby

Producer: Leon Sylvers III

Label: SOLAR

Chart Rankings: “I Can Make You Feel Good” reached various mainstream charts in a few countries in its year of release: #18 in Ireland, #10 in the Netherlands, #7 in the UK and #102 and #33 on various US Billboard charts.

The lyrics to “I Can Make You Feel Good” can be viewed here: LINK

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