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Don’t Wanna Be Your Girl


Album Don’t You

Brookyln based duo Wet’s “Don’t Wanna Be Your Girl” is one of their most popular songs to date. The song’s structure is a lot more poem-like than what the standard structure of a song would be. The start of the song starts with the line “It’s just not right, it’s”, which sets the tone of the song. It then leads into the chorus: “I don’t wanna be your girl no more, no more/ I just wanna see your face at home, home, home”. Wet spoke to online music website “Genius” about the story behind the song:

“I got to a point in a relationship where I wanted to be able to say that I didn’t want to be his girlfriend anymore and really believe it. I wasn’t fully there yet. Writing these words really helped me get to the point I needed to get to in order to move on. This relationship was a long time ago but it still feels really cathartic to play the song live. I feel like I’ve spent so much of my life being in really bad relationships over and over again, and its not like I’m all better now. It’s still a big part of my life. I still fully feel in it when I’m singing.”

The song is fairly simply, with Kelly Zutrau (the singer of Wet), saying that because her boyfriend “can’t do her right”, or that she’s “not living right”, so she doesn’t want to be this man’s girl anymore. The outro consists of Zutrau won’t hide the ways she’s tried to deal with this bad relationship, so she’s deciding to end it.

The music video features Kelly Zutrau, in different locations – from a forest, to a natural pool. The quality of the video varies from extremely high quality to what resembles the quality of a webcam or an old phone. There is not really much of a storyline to the track, it primarily focuses on Zutrau singing the song on her own. No director or producer was credited for this track.

Release Date: October 2016

Songwriter/s: Kelly Zutrau

Song Length: 2:53

Album: Don’t You (2016)

Record Label: Columbia

Music Video Release Date: 9th October 2016

Music Video Director: N/A

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Don’t Wanna Be Your Girl by Wet

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