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Don’t Call Me Up


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“Don’t Call Me Up” is young British-Swedish pop artist Mabel’s (real name Mabel McVey) most uplifting track to date. Urging listeners not to answer the phone when their ex rings them and coming to terms with lack of care by their previous partner. The track is third on Mabel’s highly anticipated upcoming album “High Expectations”, which is due to be released in July 2019, but is also featured on a reissue of her previously released mixtape: “Ivy to Roses”.

“Don’t Call Me Up” was written by Mabel and songwriter/artist Camille Purcell and producer Steve Mac. Mabel told music website GENIUS about the process of working with both Purcell and Mac. Mabel described Mac as “an incredible producer. It’s one of those things where he’ll work with you, but you have to prove your stripes first. He’d obviously just heard my music and liked what he heard. And “Don’t Call Me Up” was actually the first song that we ever made together, it was our first session. And we wrote together with Camille who is an amazing songwriter. He definitely brought something different to my sound. I think it was the first time I made something that was that kind of pop, but in a way that it was still me. I think it has elements of the music that I’ve made before but it elevated my sound. He’s just amazing at getting to know you and bringing out the best in you.” Also speaking on her experiences with Purcell, Mabel told GENIUS about working with her as well. “Camille Purcell is an incredible songwriter and artist, I love her music as well. And that was also the first time that I’d worked with her. She’s written so many incredible records and I’d heard amazing things about her, everybody was like, “You’re going to love her” and we just hit it off straight away. If you have good chemistry with a person, then the music will come. And now we’ve written loads of records together and hopefully we’ll write many more.”

In terms of inspiration behind the track, Mabel wanted to write something that portrayed the ups and downs post break-up with a partner. “I wanted to write a break-up song but that made people feel good about themselves. I think it’s so easy to look at the negatives in a break-up and you’re like, “I’m sad, everything’s over”, but actually there’s that moment when you get over somebody and that feels so good, and you’re like, “Hey, yesterday I spent all day thinking about this person and I woke up today and I just don’t care anymore” and I wanted to capture that.”

The music video was released on the same day as the release of the single: 18th January 2019. It features Mabel and a group of girl friends, from hear hitting a ringing telephone with a bat, singing in a bathtub full of bubbles, dancing and driving in a car with her friends. The track is upbeat and happy, with dance intervals featuring choreography from Mabel and the women in the video. The video also shows men trying to ring Mabel via a public telephone or just ringing her doorbell, shouting her name. As of May 2019, the video has over 55 million views and over 639 thousand likes.

Release Date: 18th January 2019

Songwriter/s: Mabel McVey, Camille Purcell & Steve Mac

Producer/s: Steve Mac

Label/s: Polydor, Capitol

Music Video Release Date: 18th January 2019

Chart Rankings & Certifications: Upon its release, the track went to #1 in the UK R&B Official Charts company, as well #16 in the US Billboard Mainstream Top 40, #9 in Slovenia, #11 in Romania, #4 in Russia, #3 in Norway, #16 in Australia, as well as charting high in many other countries. “Don’t Call Me Up” is certified Gold in Australia and Canada, and Platinum in the UK.

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