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Come Over (feat. Popcaan)

Jorja Smith

Album Come Over (Single)

“Come Over” is the latest track from British songwriter and singer Jorja Smith featuring Jamaican singer Popcaan. The track was written by : Marlon Roudette, MadisonLST, Pasqué, Dre Skull, Popcaan and Jorja Smith; with production done by MadisonLST and IZAÏAH.

“Come Over” is the long-awaited dancehall-infused song from Smith, discussing the confusion that can happen between two lovers – the mixed messages and signals, feeling as if you are not being given the same respect back. On the 1st May 2020, Smith played a portion of the track in an Instagram live, stating that it would be her next single. She revealed that she chose to hold back on the release due the UK’s national lockdown at the time: “This is why I’m not putting it out right now, because I’m not trying to give any wrong messages. No, do not come and visit your friends!”

The music video for “Come Over” was released on YouTube on the 2nd October 2020 on Smith’s YouTube channel. The video was directed by Amber Grace Johnson, and animated by a team of animators: Judit Boor, Eric Dias, Fali Mc, Krystian Garstkowiak, Daryl Graham, Simon Graham, Andy McPherson, Kevin O’Shea, Rafaila Raykova, Adam Relf, Katie Spangenberg, Sykosan and Krisi Zhupali. The video shows Smith as an animated character, travelling through a city to meet her lover, who we are shown is trying to call her while in the bath, and throughout his evening. Smith is shown in a hero-like style, singing along to the song and defeating any men who sexually harass her on her journey. As of mid-October, the video has over 3 million likes and over 91 thousand likes.

Release Date: 1st October 2020

Songwriter/s: Marlon Roudette, MadisonLST, Pasqué, Dre Skull, Popcaan & Jorja Smith

Producer/s: IZAÏAH & MadisonLST

Label: FAMM

Music Video Release Date: 2nd October 2020

Music Video Director: Amber Grace Johnson

Chart Rankings: “Come Over: featuring Popcaan has charted at the peak position of #35 in the UK since its release.

The lyrics to “Come Over” feat. Popcaan can be accessed here: LINK

Spotify: LINK

Apple Music: LINK

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