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Amr Diab

Album Amarain

“Amarain” (“Two Moons”) is the first song on the 1999 album of the same name from Egyptian singer, composer and actor. Written by Sherif Tag and Mohamed Refai with production done by Tarek Madkour, “Amarein” became an international hit and a modern Arab hit that dominated the Arab world at the end of the 1990’s.

Diab was born in Port Said in Egypt in October 1961 and ended up creating a whole new genre of music for the Arab world. “Amarain” was very much a part of that new genre, with its upbeat and layered instrumental with poetic lyrics aimed at a love where their eyes look like two moons. It is rumoured that this song was about his new twins that Diab had just welcomed into his life (which was confirmed at the end of the music video where the camera is turned on two twin babies).

The music video for “Amarain” was uploaded on the 10th April 2012 on the Mazzika YouTube channel. The video shows Diab surrounded by dancers in dresses, dancing in what appears to be an open stage with pillars. Diab is shown with what appears to be his lover in the video, who leads the audience to the twins that Diab is holding. As of mid-October 2020, the video has 27.9 million views and 96 thousand likes.

Release Date: 28th July 1999

Songwriter/s: Sherif Tag & Mohamed Refai

Producer: Tarek Madkour

Label: Alam El Phan

Music Video Release Date: 1999

Music Video Director: n/a

Chart Rankings: “Amarain” as a track did not chart, however the album itself reached #38 on the Egypt iTunes Chart.

The English lyrics to “Amarain”, can be found here: LINK

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