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“All The Stars” is the second track from the Black Panther album from featuring music from the Marvel 2018 film, “Black Panther”. Released on the 4th January 2018, the track was written by Kendrick Duckworth (Kendrick Lamar), Mark Spears, Al Shuckburgh, Solána Rowe and Anthony Tiffith; with production done by Sounwave and Al Shux.

“All The Stars” can be heard at the main end credits during the Black Panther film, and summarised the themes and story of the movie, as well as discussing the expectations of love, human ego and following you dreams. The track received positive reviews and comments from both fans and music critics.

The music video for “All the Stars” was released on the 6th February 2018, and was directed by Dave Meyers and the light homies. The video features visual language from the film as well as themes and images of Afrocentrism and Afrofuturism, according to an article on As of March 2020, the music video has 2.2 million likes with almost 247 million views on YouTube.

Release Date: 4th January 2018

Songwriter/s: Kendrick Duckworth, Mark Spears, Al Shuckburgh, Solána Rowe & Anthony Tiffith

Producer/s: Sounwave & Al Shux

Label/s: Top Dawg / Aftermath / Interscope

Music Video Release Date: 6th February 2018

Music Video Director/s: Dave Meyers & the little homies

Chart Rankings, Certifications & Awards: “All The Stars” performed extremely well on global charts, reaching #2 in Australia, #25 in Austria, #21 and #11 on various Belgium charts; #7 and #31 on differing charts in Canada, #12 & #9 on various charts on the Czech Republic, #12 in Denmark, #21 in France, #27 in Germany, #33 and #6 on various charts in Hungary; #3 in Ireland, #34 in Italy, #1 in Malaysia, #1 on the Mexico Inglés chart; #29 and #20 in the Netherlands; #2 in New Zealand, #7 in Norway, #2 in Portugal, #18 in Scotland, #1 in Singapore, #7 in Slovakia, #47 in Slovenia, #59 in Spain, #9 in Sweden, #18 in Switzerland, #5 and #2 on various UK charts, and lastly, #5, #15 and #3 on different US Billboard charts. “All The Stars” is certified in many countries: 3x Platinum in Australia, Gold in Belgium, Platinum in Brazil, 2x Platinum in Canada, Gold in Denmark; Platinum in Italy, New Zealand, Portugal, Sweden and the UK, with 2x Platinum certification in the US. The track has also won 6 awards: the “Best Visual Effects” award at the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards; the “Best Original Song: Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Film” award at the 2018 Hollywood Music in Media Awards; the “Best Song” from the 2019 African-American Film Critics Association; the “Outstanding Original Song” from the 2019 Black Reel Awards; the “Outstanding Duo, Group or Collaboration” at the 2019 NAACP Image Award, and finally, the “Best International Song” from the 2019 PLAY – Portuguese Music Awards.

The lyrics to “All The Stars” can be viewed here: LINK

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