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PinkPantheress is an English singer, songwriter and record producer based in London. Her songs went viral in 2021 via video sharing app TikTok, which she recorded while attending university. Her tracks “Break It Off“, “Pain” and “Just for me” were particularly popular, leading PinkPantheress to sign with Parlophone and Elektra Records.

PinkPantheress found inspiration for her stage name while watched UK game show “The Chase”, where a contestant was asked to state the name of a female panther – as well as being inspired by the classic cartoon character The Pink Panther.

Her music has been described as bedroom pop, alt-pop, 2-step, jungle and drum bass. PinkPantheress often uses samples from tracks released in the 90s and the 2000s, mainly jungle, drum and bass and dance music.

PinkPantheress released her debut mixtape in October 2021, titled “to hell with it”.