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You Have Been Loved

George Michael

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“You Have Been Loved” was released in September 1997 by English music icon George Michael, and was written and produced by Michael, with credits also mentioning David Austin for writing the track.

“You Have Been Loved” has been believed to have two meanings. The first, about a former lover of Michael’s, Anselmo Feleppa, who sadly passed away due to AIDS in 1993. However, in a video no longer available on YouTube, claimed that Michael had this to say about the song: “ou Have Been Loved” is the picture of a mother who’s lost a child, and I think we all look at the idea of a parent losing a child is the ultimate pain. Because it’s not supposed to happen that way. It’s the most unfair of pains I suppose. And looking at someone who’s lost a child and still manages to retain all faith and is actually carried by that faith… I think that’s probably the ultimate test of faith. Really that’s more than anything what that song was about to me, because I think there are so many things in life to test out faith and to test all these rigid ideas about religion. To me the idea of someone being able to retain faith when they’ve lost a child for no apparent reason is almost inconceivable.”

There is no official music video for “You Have Been Loved”. However, the audio upload on Michael’s YouTube channel has 1.8 million views since its release on the 17th February 2016.

Release Date: 8th September 1997

Songwriter/s: George Michael & David Austin

Producer: George Michael

Label: Virgin

Chart Rankings & Certifications: Upon its release, “You Have Been Loved” charted at #75 in Australia, #7 in Belgium and Denmark, #11 in Ireland, #21 and #44 on various charts in the Netherlands; #9 in Poland, #4 in Scotland, #53 in Sweden and #2 in the UK. The song has Silver certification in the UK.

The lyrics to “You Have Been Loved” can be read here: LINK

Added by Tala Woods

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    June 12, 2021 at 5:22 pm

    It does seem very disheartening when someone loses someone whom they are very close too either emotionally or intimately. When that loss is totally unexpected and there wasn’t an opportunity to exchange goodbyes it seems to manifest a million times over. I believe this tune very adequately expresses such grief but also offers understanding and comfort to all who are fortunate enough to listen to this track by George and take consolation in knowing that love is an endless river flowing in both directions. James

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