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Working on a Dream

Bruce Springsteen

Album Working on a Dream

Working on a Dream” is the third track on American singer, songwriter and musician Bruce Springsteen and his sixteenth studio album of the same name, released in January 2009.

Working on a Dream” is a rock song that discusses the lengths it takes to secure or make a dream come true, and how some may feel defeated, but they should remember that their dream will come true someday.

The song was first performed live by Springsteen in early November 2008, before the official release of the single, in Cleveland for Barack Obama and his 2008 presidential campaign.

The music video for “Working on a Dream” was uploaded to Bruce Springsteen‘s official YouTube channel on the 3rd October 2009. The video shows Springsteen recording the track in the studio. As of the 19th August 2021, the video has over 9 million views and over 24 thousand likes.

Read the lyrics to “Working on a Dreamhere.

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Release Date

21st November 2008


Bruce Springsteen



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