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Fight song

Rachel Platten

Album Wildfire

Story of Song

“Empowering, anthemic, honest, raw and emotional” is how Rachel Platten described her hit “Fight Song”. Platten wanted to remind people and herself the mean voices in our heads that keep saying we aren’t good enough and that we can’t do it, or it’s too late, are not actually true. Keep fighting for what you believe in and never give up. In an interview with Billboard Magazine, Rachel talked about what inspired her to write this song, She said: “You know, I’ve been doing this career for a really long time, but there was not a lot of reason, at the time when I wrote ‘Fight Song,’ to believe that I should keep going. There were a lot of signs pointing to me needing to find something else. It was breaking my heart, and ‘Fight Song’ was this declaration that I really wasn’t going to quit, that, it didn’t matter. Even if I was only going to reach a couple of people a night, I was still going do this, I was still going find a way to make music and create, I just needed it at the time, you know, I needed that reminder that I believed in myself no matter what.”

Release date

Released on February 19, 2015


Dave Richard Bassett – Rachel Ashley Plattern



Chart Rankings

US – 6

UK – 1


With sales over 2 million copies in the US, ‘Fight Song’ was certified double Platinum. It peaked in the top 10 charts in 9 countries including Australia, Belgium, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, and Poland, as well as peaking at number 6 on the US Billboard Hot 100 and topping the charts in Scotland. In August 2015, ‘Fight song’ reached the top of the UK Singles Chart and became Rachel’s first number 1 single. The song featured in the TV series Supergirl, in an ad campaign for Ford and gained early exposure in the 2014 TV series Pretty Little Liars in the Christmas-themed episode.

Artist’s age on release date

Rachel Platten was 33 years of age when she released ‘Fight Song’.

Cover Versions

The song was first covered as a charity single by The X Factor top 12 in New Zealand. Fight Song’s top cover versions on Youtube are by Lovey James, Alex Gool and Amanda Rose.

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