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Where Did Your Heart Go?


Album Music from the Edge of Heaven

Where Did Your Heart Go?” is the 1986 single from British pop duo Wham!. The song was originally a post-disco track by American disco-rock-dance group Was (Not Was), released in 1981, and failed to chart.

George Michael’s version of “Where Did Your Heart Go?” did not differ much from the original, with Michael simply altering the song with subtle changes to instrumentation and structure, with Michael dropping the opening chorus for an instrumental introduction.

The music video was released in 1986, and was directed by Michael and Andy Morahan. The video is shot in black and white, splitting screens with Wham! members taking the middle and instrumentalists at the sides. Uploaded to YouTube on Wham!’s official channel in November 2011, the video, as of September 2021, has over 12.6 million views and 56 thousand likes.

Read the lyrics to “Where Did Your Heart Go?” here. 

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Release Date

14th October 1986


Dave Was & Don Was


George Michael


CBS & Epic

Chart Rankings

- #54 in Australia - #23 in Austria - #15 in Iceland - #37 on the Dutch Top 100 - #50 on the US Billboard Hot 100

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