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When You Walk in the Room

Paul Carrack

Album One Good Reason

“When You Walk in the Room” is the 1987 cover from English singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Paul Carrack. Originally sung and written by American singer-songwriter Jackie DeShannon in 1963, “When You Walk in the Room” details the intense and wonderful feelings of the singer’s crush when they are around them, however the singer is unable to tell their crush how they truly feel about them.

Paul Carrack’s version of the track ended up reached #7 in Australia, and gave the pop song a more rock feel. The music video was released in 1987, and features Carrack in front of a green screen, standing in front of paintings, following a woman while he plays guitar. The video has over 965 thousand views on YouTube.

Release Date: April 1987

Songwriter: Jackie DeShannon

Producer: Christopher Neil

Label: Chrysalis

Music Video Release Date: 1987

Music Video Director: n/a

Chart Rankings: “When You Walk in the Room” charted at:

– #7 in Australia
– #48 in the UK Singles Chart
– #90 on the US Billboard Hot 100

The lyrics to Carrack’s cover of “When You Walk in the Room” can be viewed here: LINK

Find Paul Carrack on Apple Music: LINK

Find Paul Carrack on Spotify: LINK

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