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What About Us


Album Beautiful Trauma

Pink is asking a poignant question ‘What about us?’ she is addressing this question to the politicians. Listeners have assumed that the question is directed at Donald Trump. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Pink said: “I’m very political; I’m from a military family. I believe in equality and inclusiveness and diversity and kindness and just generally not being a total douchebag.” In another interview with The Sun, Pink explained how great she felt about this track, she said: “The world in general is a really scary place full of beautiful people. Humans are resilient and there’s a lot of wonderful, like I said in the song, ‘billions of beautiful hearts’ and there are bad eggs in every group. And they make it really hard for the rest of us.” On The Graham Norton Show, Pink said that record label told her she won’t succeed now that she’s over 35, she said: “When I came back, the record company sat me down and told me that once you are over 35 and a female pop star, radio probably won’t play you. I’m so glad I proved them wrong. It’s nice.” In an interview with Billboard Magazine, co-writer Johnny McDaid explained how Producer and co-writer Steve Mac used a repetitive technique on this song, he said: “Steve really fought for the chord changes in the song to be almost like a mantra, you know, that they musically just repeat and repeat and repeat to give Alecia {Pink} the stage to weave the melody into a place where it would soar into this incredible, epic celebration and the unity that comes from it. It’s a fun thing to get challenged by the limitation like that, actually – those limitations end up increasing the heat and the fire of the song. And Alecia was not just not resistant to it, she was really excited by that. The repetition in the song, the idea that it would become almost like a heartbeat as it just got inside you and became integral when you listened to it. You didn’t have to think. That was very important. And I love the question in the song; the fact that the song is a question, it’s not an instruction. I think more questions, less answers, because all of us are looking for answers and we think that that’s the end of everything and it’s not. The questions are where the heat and energy is. We need to question more and I love that the song’s premise is a question.”

Release Date: August 10, 2017

Songwriter/s: Pink – Steve Mac – Johnny McDaid

Label: RCA

Chart Rankings: In the US, the song topped the Adult Top 40 and Dance club Songs Charts. It reached number 13 on the Billboard Hot 100, number 2 on the Adult Contemporary and peaked at number 10 on the Mainstream Top 40 Songs charts. In the UK, it was number 3 on the Official Charts Company and was certified Gold by the British Phonographic Industry (BPI). Around the world, the song topped the charts in Australia, Canada, Czech Republic, Latvia, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, Poland Romania Scotland, Slovakia, Slovenia and Switzerland. It reached the top 10 charts in Austria, Belgium, Croatia, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Lebanon, New Zealand, Portugal and Spain. ‘What About Us’ was certified Double Platinum in Australia and Canada, Platinum in Belgium, Italy and New Zealand, and Gold in Austria, France and Spain.

Artist’s age on Release Date: Alecia Beth Moore known as Pink was 38 years old when she released this song.

Cover Versions: Davina Michelle – J.Fla – Nicole Cross – Andrew Lambrou – Landon Austin and Riley – Acoustinate – Alex G – VIDAS – Jay Alan – Constantino Carrara – Other Youtubers covered this song.

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