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Cardi B

Album Up (Single)

“Up” is the second single by American rapper Cardi B from her upcoming second studio. The hip-hop track is Cardi B’s first single since releasing “WAP” with Megan Thee Stallion over six months ago. “Up” was written by Cardi B, Joshua Baker, Jorden Thorpe, Edis Selmani, James Steed and Matthew Allen, with Yung Dza, DJ SwanQo and Sean Island producing the song.

Speaking to YouTube Live, Cardi B spoke about the inspiration behind the song:

“The biggest inspiration for this song. I wanted a more hood song. I feel like my last song was too sexy, Offset [Cardi B’s husband]. I feel like this is more like of an Atlanta thing, I don’t know, a Georgia thing. He kept saying “up and stuck” and I’m like “oh sh*t, I keep saying up and a stuck out of nowhere because that’s something that I started saying this year. He always say it, but I feel like this year it’s just like more and more, so I’m like, alright, this is some gangsta sh*t and that’s what I like and that’s why I wanted to do something more gangsta, more cocky”. “Up” sees Cardi B boast about her looks and her talent.

Also speaking to Apple Music, Cardi B also providing another insight to “Up”:

“You know, my last song was very sexual so I always want my next songs to be different to the one before. Like, if the topic on one of my songs is money I want the topic on the other one to be something else. And when I first put music out, like, my mixtape, this might sound crazy but I got really inspired by drill Chicago music because I was young and I liked it and everything. So my mixtape was all about being gangsta, violence, if it’s up, then it’s stuck and that’s where I wanted to take it with this record.”

The music video for “Up” was directed by Tanu Muino and released alongside the single on the 5th of February 2021via Cardi B’s YouTube channel. The video shows Cardi B in different outfits (all from independent fashion designers and custom-order brands) in different contexts, dancing with a group, lying in a clam and holding and kissing other women, as well as a scene where dolls heads are in Cardi B’s hair. Since its release in early February 2021, the video has amassed over 136 million views with over 2.7 million likes. Speaking to YouTube Live, Cardi B revealed how long the video took to shoot:

“It was two days. The first day we was on set, the first day I woke up at 5 in the morning, I got Offset at 6. And we left like at 2AM and what not. And the next day, we started like at 12 and we left at like 6 in the morning. So that’s like a two day thing.”

Release Date: 5th February 2021

Songwriter/s: Belcalis Almanzar (Cardi B), Joshua Baker, Jorden Thorpe, Edis Selmani, James Steed & Matthew Allen

Producer/s: Yung Dza, DJ SwanQo & Sean Island

Label: Atlantic

Music Video Release Date: 5th February 2021

Music Video Director: Tanu Muino

Chart Rankings & Certifications: After its release, “Up” charted at:

– #11 in Australia
– #4 in Australia, Urban chart
– #69 in Austria
– #1 in Belgium
– #7 in Canada
– #76 in the Czech Republic
– #17 on the Euro Billboard Digital Songs
– #169 in France
– #99 in Germany
– #4 on the Billboard Global 200
– #5 in Greece
– #17 & #24 in Hungary
– #10 in Ireland
– #17 in Lithuania
– #94 in the Netherlands
– #14 in New Zealand
– #36 in Portugal
– #47 in Romania
– #29 in Singapore
– #22 in Slovakia
– #97 in Sweden
– #47 in Switzerland
– #16 on the UK Singles Chart
– #7 on the UK R&B Chart
– #1 on the US Billboard Hot 100
– #1 on the US Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs
– #22 on the US Billboard Mainstream Top 40
– #1 on the US Billboard Rhythmic Chart
– #1 on the US Rolling Stone Top 100

“Up” is certified:

– Gold in Australia and New Zealand
– Silver in the U.K.
– Platinum in Canada

The lyrics to “Up” can be viewed here. 

Listen to “Up” on Apple Music.

Listen to “Up” on Spotify.

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