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This Is How We Do It

Montell Jordan

Album This Is How We Do It

“This Is How We Do It” is nineties hip-hop singer/songwriter Montell Jordan (real name Montell Du’Sean Barnett) most popular track. Released in 1995 from the same titled album, “This Is How We Do It” remains an iconic track almost 25 years later.

The track features samples American-British rapper Slick Rick’s song “Children’s Story, which actually samples Grammy award winning jazz musician Bob James’ “Nautilus”. The song tells a narrative of a party on the “West Side”, describing women dancing and money, embodying typical subjects from hip-hop and rap at the time.

The music video was uploaded to Montell Jordan’s official YouTube channel on the 17th June 2009. It features Jordan at a party singing against a wall and talking to women on a sofa, and choreographed dancing. At the end of the video, the music fades out and a shot of Jordan smiling is shown. As of August 2019, the video has almost 107 million views and over 588 thousand likes.

Release Date: 6th February 1995

Songwriter/s: Montell Jordan, Oji Pierce & Ricky Walters

Producer/s: Montell Jordan & Oji Pierce

Label/s: Def Jam

Music Video Upload Date: 17th June 2009

Chart Rankings & Certifications: In its year of release, “This Is How We Do It” hit the top ten charts in the following countries: Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the UK and the US. The track received Silver certification in the UK, and Platinum in the US.

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