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The Way I Feel


Album Cause and Effect

“The Way I Feel” is the first single from British rock band Keane, and their newest album “Cause and Effect”, which is the first album they have released since 2013 when the band took a break. Their most notable tracks are “Everybody’s Changing” which was released in 2003 and received Gold certification in the UK, and “Somewhere Only We Know”, which was released in 2004 and received certifications globally – Gold in Belgium, Germany and Italy, but reaching Platinum certification in the UK and 2x Platinum in the US.

“The Way I Feel” discusses the pressures and emotions that come with mental health, with lines in both the pre-chorus and the chorus, such as: “But it only makes it worse now / You’re like a puzzle to be worked out / And it’s the voices in your head now / Saying there’s something wrong about the way I feel”. The band have performed the track on The Late Late Show in the US, and gave the audience an extremely emotional performance.

The music video was released on the 6th June 2019, and was directed by Kevin Godley. It features Keane singing the track in a bright well lit room where they are dancing and jumping freely, but also in a darker room where yellow cables are grabbing the band by their limbs, attempting to drag them. This could very well be a metaphor for mental health and its ability to take over your life and head. As of August 2019, the video has over 4.4 million views and almost 70,000 likes.

Release Date: 6th June 2019

Songwriter/s: Tim Rice-Oxley, Tom Chaplin, Richard Hughes

Producer/s: David Kotsen & Keane

Label/s: Island

Music Video Release Date: 6th June 2019

Music Video Director: Kevin Godley

Chart Rankings: “The Way I Feel” peaked at #20 on the US Billboard charts on the 27th July 2019, as well as peaking at #45 in the UK charts on the 26th July 2019.

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