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The Promise

Girls Aloud

Album Out of Control

This 60’s vibe retro song was written in just 7 minutes! When producer Brian Higgins and writer Miranda Cooper first heard the backing track for the song, they waited weeks to write afraid to “ruin the moment” Brian Higgins explained: “We knew that was the piece of music Girls Aloud needed to announce them as a supergroup in this country, so we knew we couldn’t drop the ball melodically or lyrically. Girls Aloud’s records were more driving and pumping and innovative then than they are now because that’s not what’s required. “The Promise” was the sound of a big group, a group about to be huge. They needed the theme tune to the biggest girl group on the planet.” In an interview with MTV UK, Sarah Harding from the “Girls Aloud” group said: “I like the ’60s vibe and the retro thing is coming back! We wanted to stay upbeat but try something a bit different and advanced. I don’t think anything we’ve ever done has ever sounded the same. But we have that same vibe whatever we do because of our vocals.”

Release Date: October 15, 2008

Songwriter/s: Miranda Cooper – Brian Higgins – Jason Resch – Kieran Jones – Carla Marie Williams

Label: Fascination

Chart Rankings:
UK – 1
Scotland – 3
Ireland – 2
‘The Promise’ topped the UK Singles Charts and sold over 545.000 copies. The British Phonographic Industry (BPI) certified it Gold. The song peaked at number 2 in Ireland and reached number 3 in Scotland. ‘The Promise’ didn’t enter the charts in the US.

Artist’s Age on Release Date: Girls Aloud band was active for 6 years when this song was released.

Cover Versions: Very few amateur artists covered this song on Youtube.

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