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The Power Of Love

Jennifer Rush

Album Jennifer Rush

Story of Song

After the song was first released, CBS Records London Chief Paul Russell heard Jennifer sing beautifully at a record convention in Hawaii; he then decided to re-release the song in the UK. It was a smart move to do so, for the song then climbed the chart reaching number 1 and held that position for five weeks. In the end, entered the ‘Guinness Book of Records’ as the biggest selling single in the U.K. for 1985 selling over one million copies.

On her website, Jennifer Rush calls it “THE love song of the decade, “ a beautiful love ballad that talks about pure love and lust. Jennifer expressed a true meaning of love in the lyrics:

“ I hold on to your body
And feel each move you make
Your voice is warm and tender
A love that I could not forsake
‘Cause I am your lady
And you are my man
Whenever you reach for me
I’ll do all that I can”

Home for her is her lover’s arms, when she’s with him, no matter what happens with her, it doesn’t matter anymore when she’s with her lover again.  As this love grows stronger and deeper, it frightens her and simple things such as hearing her lover’s heart beats gives her the strength to continue and realize that she’s ready to learn of the power of love.

The 80s witnessed the biggest success for Jennifer Rush. Not only with “The Power of Love,” which was her first hit in the UK, but Jennifer’s followed up the song with “Ring Of Ice,” which reached number14. A couple of years later she made the US top 40 with an Elton John duet titled “Flames Of Paradise,” as well as collaboration with Richie Sambora of Bon Jovi, Desmond Child and Michael Bolton.

Release date

This great song was first released in December 1984. Re-released as a single in October 1985.


Gunther Mende – Candy DeRouge – Jennifer Rush – Mary Susan Applegate and David Foster



Chart Rankings

US – 57

UK – 1


A European and international success for Jennifer Rush, this love ballad was translated into several languages, becoming the love song of the 80s and the biggest selling single of the year in the UK. With sales over 1 million copies “The Power of Love” was listed in the (Guinness Book Of Records) as “the best-selling single by a female solo artist in the history of the British music industry” until 1992, when Whitney Houston released “I Will Always Love You“. It climbed to number 1 in the UK and stayed on top for 5 weeks, and held a record for staying in the UK charts for 16 weeks. It also reached number one in other European countries such as Austria, Ireland, Norway and Spain, and outside of Europe in countries like Canada, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. Ultimately, the song reached the Top 10 in 16 countries. It was so successful back in those days that it was played in a royal wedding for Prince Andrew (the Duke of York) and Sarah Ferguson.

When “The Power of Love” was finally released in North America, it was a great success in Canada reaching number 1 but never made it to the top in the US, remaining at number 57 on the Billboard Hot 100 and staying in the top 100 for 13 weeks.

Artist’s age on release date

Jennifer Rush (Heidi Stern) was 24 years of age when she released The Power of Love.

Cover Versions

A remixed version was released a year after the original release. The Power of Love was remade by Celine Dion, Laura BraniganHelene Fischer, and Air Supply. Other less famous artists also covered this song.


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