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The Club is Alive


Album Outta This World

Story of Song

This song is based around the musical The Sound of Music’s title song. In an interview with Digital Spy, Jonathan “JB” Gill said: “We first heard the track when Steve Mac, who also produced ‘Beat Again,’ played it to us in his studio. He said he had a song that sampled a well-known musical, and obviously we were intrigued by that. Straight away we thought the sample worked really well. It’s a very up tempo track that literally makes you feel alive.” On May 3, 2010, a source told The Sun: “The lads were initially quite skeptical about the idea when their management presented them with it. But they’ve worked hard on the song and are really proud of it. They know it will surprise a lot of people, but they think it’s a risk well worth taking.”

Release date

Released December 12, 2010


Richard Rodgers – Oscar Hammerstein II – Andrew Frampton – Savan Kotecha – Steve Mac



Chart Rankings

‘The Club is Alive’ topped the UK singles chart selling over 84.000 copies; it was the third number 1 single for JLS in the UK. The song also topped the charts in Scotland, and peaked at number 4 in Ireland. It never reached the US charts.


Artist’s age on release date

The boy band Jack the Lad, aka JLS, had been active for 2 years when they released this song.

Cover Versions

No cover versions.

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The Club is Alive by JLS

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