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“The Box” is the second track from American rapper Roddy Ricch (Rodrick Moore Jr.) and his debut album “Please Excuse Me for Being Antisocial”, which as released in December 2019.

“The Box” was written by Roddy Ricch, Samuel Gloade, Adarius Moragne and Aqeel Tate, with production by 30 Roc, Datboisqueeze and Zentachi. The track features a unique beat that went viral in meme culture when the song was first released. The term “the box” has many slang meanings, from jail, a box for a gun or a type of weapon. In a interview with Billboard in January 2020, Roddy Ricch discussed the creative process behind the track: “I actually was in New York with [my team] in the studio recording and really just finishing up the album. I think [“The Box”] was like the second song I had made that night. It was like six in the morning – it was real late – and I had just been going crazy. I finally made that song, and n****s thought I was crazy when I had made the little door sound. But it all came together. I mean, honestly, “The Box” was like the last song I had made. I ain’t even put too much thought into it. I put it on there at number two, because it just bangs. The 808s hit so hard.” Ricch also explained the song’s placement within the album, stating: “At first, [the second song] was going to be “Big Stepper,” but then we all regrouped, and I just made it “The Box.” At first, there was a transition between [“Intro”] and “The Box.” The transition was so smooth between the two songs that I had left it there, but I ended up taking the transition off and just made it a song.”

The music video for “The Box” was released on the 28th February 2020, and was directed by Rich himself with co-production by Christian Breslauer. The video features Ricch in various scenarios, from driving a sports car in a race to playing a basketball game or being in the White House. The video (as of 12th March 2020) has 37.7 million views and over 1.8 million likes on YouTube.

The lyrics to “The Box” can be accessed here.

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Release Date

6th December 2019


Rodrick Moore Jr., Samuel Gloade, Adarius Moragne & Aqeel Tate


30 Roc, Datboisqueeze & Zentachi



Chart Rankings

“The Box” performed extremely well on worldwide charts, charting at #94 in Argentina, #4 in Australia, #10 in Austria, #12 and #28 on various charts in Belgium; #1 in Canada, #3 in the Czech Republic, #4 in Denmark and Finland; #10 in France, #13 in Germany, #1 in Greece, #13 and #2 in different charts in Hungary; #15 in Iceland, #2 in Ireland, #34 in Italy, #11 in Malaysia, #4 in the Netherlands, #1 in New Zealand, #3 in Norway, #2 in Portugal, #51 in Romania, #36 in Scotland, #11 in Singapore, #3 in Slovakia, #46 in Spain, #5 in Sweden, #3 in Switzerland, #2 in the UK, and #1 on the US Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop songs chart, the US Billboard Hot 100, the US Billboard Rhythmic and the US Rolling Stone Top 100, as well as reaching other Billboard charts. “The Box” is certified Gold in Australia, France and the UK; Platinum in New Zealand and 4x Platinum in the US.

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